React & Gatsby Development

Location: Elan Valley, Wales
I've been developing front end web and mobile apps in the United Kingdom for over 10 years. Recently my focus has been developing websites using Gatsby JS & TypeScript with various headless CMS's such as Prismic, Contentful, Headless WordPress, & DatoCMS, to name a few. DatoCMS is by far my favourite headless CMS. I've created a few open source plugins for DatoCMS. My two most popular can be viewed here along with the repos:
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As well as contracting for various large SAAS platforms mainly using React JS, Gatsby JS & TypeScript, I'm now compiling and teaching a catalogue of courses on front end web development.

Online Courses & Tutorials

Way back when I was a junior developer, I was fortunate enough to have been mentored by experts in the field. This allowed me to rapidly progress in my career and understand and architect multiple large projects in my time as an expert front end developer. While I'm still largely involved in contract work, I'm simultaneously passing on the buck and sharing my knowledge. Get the same expert mentoring that I received by enrolling on one of my React-based courses and fast-track your understanding and knowledge in front end web development. These courses are available on WebDevEducation, Udemy, with free tutorials on YouTube.

Featured Tutorial

Gatsby JS v4 & DatoCMS Crash Course